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Krysten was recently featured on the local news!
Watch the
 segment here.

About Krysten

Once a Caring Nurse,

Now a Charismatic Teacher & Performer!

Krysten's mission is to share with others

what hula hoops have given her:

an amazing and accepting community,

a creative coping mechanism,

and a fun form of fitness!

Krysten teaches hula hoop dance classes in Kitchener, Ontario,

and works with the largest hoop company in Canada to get as many people 'hooping' their stress away as possible!

For a huge selection of high quality, Canadian-made hula hoops,

Visit Geometric Revolution Hooping!

Use "HOOPCAT" at checkout to save 10%,
or contact Krysten about group orders to save on shipping.

Contact Krysten